Countdown Timer 1.3.0

A friend of my asked me to develop some kind of countdown application that he could use, for some kind of competition I guess. I’ve never worked with DevExpress gauges before so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to learn to use something new. I had a proof-of-concept ready in just a few hours and spent the following days with developing the program to something that could actually be used in real life. The result was an application with the hardly imaginative name “Countdown Timer”!


It’s a simple program, but its goal is to do what is used for, and to do it good, much like VLC is great at playing media files.

  • Countdown timer of up to 35999 seconds, corresponding to almost 10 hours.
  • You can have the application play an MP3-file at the start and/or the end of the countdown.
  • The countdown can be shown in full screen or as a regular window, with colours defined by the user.
  • Press Esc when the countdown is underway to quit it.


Download version 1.3.0 for Windows


The program uses Microsoft’s ClickOnce deployment.

  1. Extract the ZIP-file.
  2. Open the folder.
  3. Run the setup.exe file.
  4. Done! The application is now installed on your computer!

Bugs and improvements

Please leave a comment if you found a bug or if you have any suggestion for improvements! 🙂

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