The “Gone Home” scout symbol

Gone Home

In the middle, the scout symbol for going home. On each sida a standing scout with hat and walking stick, facing the symbol with bowed head. In the middle, under the symbol, is the text “Gone Home”.

I’ve seen several low resolution version of the Scouting “Gone Home” image lately. I have therefore created a vectorised version of it. The SVG-vector file and a PNG-version can be downloaded via the links below.

My version is based on the pixel image found on Pinterest. The original author is, however, unknown.

The vector file was created in Inkscape and contains text written in the Elephant font. The font in the original is said to be Almendra.



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2 Responses to The “Gone Home” scout symbol

  1. user unknown says:

    I don’t know the symbol, but the me, it looked like a shooting target, put on a fat tree, and the two scouts touching the tree.
    Maybe this could be prevented, if the hands of the scouts would reach across the line, symbolising the walking sticks.

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