How to decipher a Swedish scout uniform

Swedish scout uniform

Swedish scout uniform for an IST going to the World Scout Jamboree in Japan 2015.

There is a lot of information you can get from a scout uniform. Just like with tracking, the trick is to know how to “read” the uniform.

The regulations for how to apply the badges to the uniform is quite loose in Sweden and open for interpretations. To the right you’ll find the uniform I’ll be wearing. By looking on it you’ll get to know some parts of the regulations based on my interpretation.

It won’t give the whole truth but applying the knowledge to any uniform will give you a head start in your “tracking”.

Right hand sleve

Starting at the right hand sleeve you see three badges forming a circle at the top. These badges are mandatory and tells you that the scout

  • is from Sweden.
  • is a member of WOSM/WAGGGS
  • is from a country in the European Union[1]

The rest of the badges on the sleeve are camps and other events the scout has participated in. The badge of the event participated in first is placed at the top. In my case you see that I participated

  • in Blå hajk, a week long hike wandering the fells
  • in Explorer Belt, an event about exploring and getting familiar to a new country.
  • In the Danish contingent to moot in Kenya… Well not really. I just used it as a place holder. It will be replaced by the camp the scout is currently on, or the camp he/she last participated in. In a few weeks you’ll found the jamboree camp badge here!

Blå hajk and Explorer Belt are two special events (not camps) I’m particularly fond of. That’s why I always include them. I consider one or two special events to be OK to have in excess to the latest camp badge.

Left hand sleeve

The left hand sleeve tells you where the scout comes from/is a member of, except the most basic parts, which is already covered by the right hand sleeve. It might also tell you what the scout knows, and in some cases, his or here statements.

The badges in italic are optional.

Some scouts also add badges from the local scout program to the left hand sleeve. This is in order, even though I skip mine since it gives a more frugally look.

Right hand pocket

A Swedish Explorer Belt belt.

A belt, like my Explorer Belt belt, could also be a part of the uniform.

The logo for The Guides and Scouts of Sweden is embroidered above the pocket.

The badge representing the age of the scout is placed at the pocket cap, sleeve side. This badge is mandatory and often indicates which troop, within the scout group, the scout is a member of.

I have the Roverscout-badge since I’m a rover scout. The new, yet-to-be-distributed, leader badge could be placed here if you’re not also a rover.

The other side of the pocket cap can be used for the patrol badge. My rover team is The Lions, represented by a very pompous lion!

Left hand pocket

This pocket is reserved for different kinds of awards that aren’t made of fabric. The award shown in the picture is the leader award, telling you hat I have finished the training to be a leader.

That’s it!

Now you know how to extract the information from a Swedish scout uniform. Just don’t get surprised if you come to the camp only to find out nothing I have said is followed! 🙂


  1. Wearing the EU badge simply states that the scout lives in a country within EU. It doesn’t tell you anything about the political opinion of the scout wearing it… Unless it says Skåne/Scania, then it’s probably a statement! 😉

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