LackeyCCG Updater error 0x80004004

I installed LackeyCCG with the intent to add the LackeyCCG MtG plugin. Lackey has an installer/updater but I got the error code 0x80004004 when I pressed the “Install or Update” button. I don’t know what the error means or the technical reason for it to appear but I did find a solution that worked for me.

Right click on the LackeyCCG Updater.exe file and select Run as Administrator.

The install/update worked like a charm after that! 🙂

My guess is that my computer demands admin privileges to allow files to be added/deleted/changed, and that Lackey’s updater got those privileges when I started it up as an administrator. The same thing could be done with the main LackeyCCG program if it can’t download card images!

Speaking of downloading card images…

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