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Regnbågsscouterna is a network working for an inclusive environment (in Scouterna) in which children and youths feel safe and confident participating.

There’s a network within the Swedish scout organisation called Regnbågsscouterna. You’ve already heard about them if you’re following my blog.

Regnbågsscouterna is a network working for a more inclusive scout organisation in Sweden. Even though Sweden and Scouterna has some of the most inclusive environments in the world, still not everyone feels comfortable enough to speak about their sexuality and sexual identity due to different social stigmas.

To resolve this, Regnbågsscouterna are trying to raise opinion and awareness, first and foremost among scouts and leaders, about these topics. Another task Regnbågsscouterna has engaged in is to participate in different external events to show the society that this is an ongoing work within Scouterna.

What Regnbågsscouterna is doing

  • Making youths feel safe and confident in Scouterna by removing social stigmas related to sexuality and sexual identities.
  • Participating in different external events to show the society the ongoing work within Scouterna.
  • Working for a generally more inclusive environment within Scouterna.

About the badge

The badge of Regnbågsscouterna.

The badge of Regnbågsscouterna, used by scouts to show their belonging to, or support of, Regnbågsscouterna.

The badge representing Regnbågsscouterna is the logo of Scouterna on a rainbow background, surrounded by the text Regnbågs-Scouterna.


The badge has been interpreted in different ways. Some have seen the badge as information telling them that the scout wearing it is homosexual. This might very well be the case but it could also be that the scout is a heterosexual person in support of Regnbågsscouterna.

Therefore, the fact that somebody is using the badge gives you NO information at all about the sexuality of the bearer.

On the other hand, you can almost always regard the badge as an invitation to speak with the bearer about topics related to sexuality, sexual identity, LGBT and repressive social norms and stigmas.

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2 Responses to Regnbågsscouterna

  1. Gustav says:

    Even if the badge just was worn by people that had it on cause they were included in the LGBT-community does it still tell you about their sexuality cause gender identity has nothing to do with sexuality.

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